Homestead Exemption
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Over 65 or Disabled?  Lower your property taxes.


  • Age 65 during the year in which you file the application, or permanently disabled regardless of age. Please note, it does not matter what date you turn 65, as long as you turn 65 sometime during the year.
  • If disabled, the applicant is required to have their physician complete the certificate of disability form or submit a certificate from a state or a federal agency.
  • Own the home or manufactured home as primary place of residence as of January 1 of filing year. Or have ownership interest (i.e. land contract, lease purchase).
  • Photocopy of picture ID for proof of age, such as driver’s license, State of Ohio ID card, or a current or expired passport.
  • When property is in a Trust, the owner must provide copies from the trust agreement showing type of trust, that you provided the assets, and your powers within the trust.
  • (EFFECTIVE 2014)  For NEW APPLICANTS (ONLY), you will be subject to a means test, i.e. a maximum allowable total houshold income.  For Tax Year 2014 the allowable household income from 2013 was $30,500 or less. * Household income includes the income of applicant and applicant’s spouse. -- Social Security income is exempt and is not considered income for the purpose of the Homestead Exemption.  (NOTE:  The allowable income threshold will vary year to year. For 2022, the allowable household income from 2021 will be $34,600 or less).

Eligible senior citizens or permanently disabled homeowners will receive an exemption on the first $25,000 of appraised value from taxation for a single family home.

The filing period for this exemption runs, each year, from the first Monday in January through December 31.


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